Based on Hans Christian Andersen

Musical performance for children / Grand hall

Written by – Sigitas SIUDIKA
Director – Algirdas MIKUTIS
Designer – Neringa KERŠULYTĖ
Music by – Olegas DITKOVSKIS
Performers: Indrė Liutkevičiūtė, Dainius TARUTIS, Almira GRYBAUSKAITĖ, Vilius KIRKILIONIS, Irmantas JANKAITIS, Dalius BUTKUS, Lijana MUŠTAŠVILI, Elvyra PIŠKINAITĖ / Asta STANKŪNAITĖ

Duration: 50 min.
Premiere – 3 March, 2001

Tickets can be purchased at the theatre's ticket office (Arklių st. 5, Vilnius)

Ticket price: 6,50 Eur


2019.03.17 12:00


The Princess and the Swineherd, the play of Vilnius theatre “Lėlė”, is a witty performance full of gallant dancing, harmonious singing and amusing joking. The play was directed by the Lėlė’s art director Algirdas Mikutis, the spectacular pseudo-historic costumes and other amazing articles (e.g. hats and wigs) were designed by the designer Neringa Keršulytė and the feel-good music was written by a famous bard Olegas Ditkovskis.

This play tells a story with a moral, the events of which take place in the palace of the “swine” kingdom. Its King is indecisive and absent-minded, the ladies-in-waiting are little women infested with emptiness and fleas, whereas the beautiful Princess is a silly girl and all she wants to do is play. The intrigue begins when the Kings decides to give his daughter in marriage to a groom, who brings the best gift. The palace fills with the young men, one more “swinish” than the other: long-nosed scoffers and long-bearded vulgar fellows... But none of them is suitable, until a real Prince appears bringing a live flower and a mellifluous nightingale as a gift. Unfortunately neither the Princess nor other palace inhabitants are unable to appreciate the Prince and his gifts, but are more fascinated by the artificial flowers and silly music boxes. However, having learned the proper lesson, even the silly princesses can change and recognise the true virtues. All the Prince had to do was pretend to be a swineherd and, after having pulled her leg for a while, publicly shame his future bride...