Based on the play "Three ugly princesses" by Aldona Liobytė

Educational adventure for children / Small hall

Scriptwriter, director and designer – Rimas DRIEŽIS
Paper theatre – Mikalojus VILUTIS
Composer – Irmantas JANKAITIS
Performers: Lijana MUŠTAŠVILI, Irmantas JANKAITIS

Duration: 60 min.
Premiere – 29 November, 2014

Tickets can be purchased at the theatre's ticket office (Arklių st. 5, Vilnius)

Ticket price: 4,50 Eur


This performance, or rather a theatrical journey to the past, is based on the traditional forms of folk puppetry and is created together with the Live puppet museum that is working under the roof of the theatre "Lėlė" since 2006.
Together with the actors and the characters from the Lithuanian folk tale "Redeemer of the sun" we will travel far into the past, when there was still nothing. When neither the moon, nor the theatre "Lėlė" were around. But apparently even back when there was nothing, the Sky, the Earth and the Sun existed... And everything else was made up by human when they needed it. They made up theatre also. But unfortunately they were not able to make up the moon. And if someone stole the sun... At that time people went to redeem it without hesitation, without waiting for someone else to do it. That is precisely why the theatre "Lėlė" chose a knight charging an invisible dragon in order to save what is good and light as it's logo.
In this performance we will again redeem the sun, we will tell a tale on how did the moon come about and we will show ho to make theatre... out of nothing.