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Performance for children

Screenwriter and director – Ainis STORPIRŠTIS
Artist – Neringa KERŠULYTĖ
Composer – Artūras MURAUSKAS
Lighting director – Valdas LATONAS
Choreographer – Kipras CHLEBINSKAS
Duration: 55 min.
Premiere – 10 December, 2020
Online prewiev will be available throughout January

Ticket price: 4,50 Eur


2021.01.12 00:00


The performance “Oh Lord, Lithuania!” has been conceived as the second part of a diptych. The performance ideologically continues to discuss the issues of the problems and values of the relations of a modern family raised in the play “Oh Lord, Vilnius!” directed by Ainis Storpirštis and showed in 2017 on the Small Stage of the theatre “Lėlė”. You probably remember how the main character of the play “Oh Lord, Vilnius!” Alanas managed reconciled with his mother? At that time, the stories of the most beautiful city in the world – Vilnius – helped the boy to find his way out of fears, loneliness, and family problems. This time, the same friends of Alanas – two wacky voles (who have dared to slip out of the basement and settle in the theatre since the last performance) – will again help the boy to see the bright side of life and reconcile with another member of his family – his father. In this performance, the rodents will engage not only the history of one city but of the entire country as well (various places of Lithuania, famous objects and legends), which once again will be adjusted by the unrestricted imagination of the narrators as well as by unexpected and bold interpretations...

According to the director of the performance Storpirštis, who made his debut on the stage of the theatre “Lėlė” with this diptych, “Parental divorce is a very sensitive topic, and it is very important in Lithuania. To ignore it, not to talk about it, would be simply unfair in respect to the children who are forced to face the divorce of their parents. We try to look at this problem as empathetically as possible, and at the same time more positively (after all, life is not just black and white!). And when it comes to Lithuania, it is surprising how rich the history of our country is! I am also surprised at how little of this history can be put into a single performance... However, no matter how time-pressed we are, we will not limit ourselves to horse sculptures but instead we intend to look at this country with a more playful look.”