"I described the performance "Find me" as a Lithuanian puzzle without intermission. The life and death, the past, the present and fate of a person, a nation, a performance or any other living creation will probably always be the biggest puzzles. Or maybe that is just one huge and eternal question? With this theatrical allegory of a sort I want to speak about a thread. A thread of memory, presence and life. About a Lithuanian thread. Is it still strong, has it not broken yet? Is there still anything that unites the dead, living and future Lithuanians? Is this thread still the basis of our Lithuanian destiny?
Of course, a short theatre performance can not possibly answer all these difficult questions of life and fate. The performance and it's name "Find me" is at the same time an urge to try and personally sense, whether there still exists that invisible thread that unites a Lithuanian with... well, Lithuania. One can always deny and avoid it, but there never will be another such word and another such Fatherland." (director R. Kazlas)