Almost 60 years have passed since the first performance of "Lėlė" on 27th October, 1958. During those years the theatre has accumulated a lot of puppets, masks, elements of stage design and sketches, posters and programmes of performances. It was sad to watch how all of those things that have been diligently created by our designers, craftsmen and props are decaying in the theatre's warehouse. So on 6th May, 2006, hoping for the impossible – to stop time, – we have established the Live puppet museum right next to our small hall.

In the museum stage design fragments, puppets and masks made by Balys Lukošius, Gintautas Žalalis, Vitalijus Mazūras, Rimas Driežis, Aušra Bagočiūnaitė-Paukštienė, Julija Skuratova and others, including craftsmen Vytautas Jančiauskas, Kęstutis Musteikis, Alis Šalkauskas, Lijana Janavičienė for the performances that are no longer shown in the repertoire are stored and exhibited.

In fact, there are several more exhibits in the Live museum that were created outside "Lėlė": those are the three marionettes created by the pioneer of Lithuanian professional puppetry Stasys Ušinskas. Besides the permanent exhibition that are presented to the visitors by our professional puppeteers, the museum also hosts other exhibitions, seminars etc. Everyone can visit the Live puppet museum. All you need is to arrange the time of visit with the administration in advance.