2022 03 17

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We are delighted to finally announce "SurReality Check" - a visual arts and puppet and object theatre laboratory. For the second year in a row laboratory inviting not only artists, painters, theatre and film professionals, but also inventors, engineers, scientists and others to try their hand at their creative skills!

The aim of the Lab is to encourage creators to discover and take an interest in puppet and object theatre, to broaden the boundaries of perception of this type of theatre.

We are looking forward to welcoming all creators who want to try their hand at puppetry and object theatre. It could be everything - a theatre performance, an installation, a visual concert, a puppet stand-up, a stop-motion animation film, a sound and light installation, a theatrical excursion and other formats of creative projects. It's all up to your imagination, which is unrestricted by any genre.

Share this invitation with anyone who may have the creative energy and courage to try themselves in the laboratory. Every creator is important to us.

Creators must provide:

1. Cover letter and resume.

2. Compiled a description of your creative team and the resumes of its members (some of whom would be under 35).

3. Detailed a free-form presentation of creative project (text, visual or video format).

The author of the selected creative ideas and their teams will be invited to educational and creative workshops at the Vilnius Puppet Theater, which will last from May to September. In the educational part, various Lithuanian and foreign creators will share their experience in the field of puppet and object theater. In the creative lab, teams will receive an optimal budget for experimenting and searching for their creative ideas (creating a sketch or part of a work), and the theater’s infrastructure and staff will serve as rehearsals and creative searches for creative teams.

After the public presentation of sketches of creative projects, which is planned for 2022-2023 during the opening of the season, further cooperation between creative teams and the theater, the completion of the best creative works and their inclusion in the repertoire of the Vilnius Theater Lėlė will be discussed.

Test your surreality in the "SurReality Check" lab!

Applications are welcome until 25th of April at: laboratorija@teatraslele.lt

Participants will be announced on 3rd of May..

Answers to questions and more information: zilvinas@teatraslele.lt

You can find the calendar of laboratory activities HERE.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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