A human is following arrows. Is he looking for something? Or maybe he is heading towards something he has already foreseen? So what is it?
In the performance Direction (inspired by the comic book Sens by French artist, designer and author Marc-Antoine Mathieu) the metaphor of the life trip is unfolding without words. According to the director Jūratė Trimakaitė, this story depicts real life grotesques. The ones which make us grow, get mature and lead to confrontation with ourselves. We will experience that following a nameless main character of the performance. An odd life tourist. He will be born on the stage and continue his life until…? Next life? Where will the arrow lead him?
The team of creators and performers consist of an international young artists’ team debuting in Vilnius Theatre „Lėlė“: director J. Trimakaitė, designer C. Guyon and composer T. Demay. These young talented artists are the students of the famous Charleville-Meziers Puppet Theater School in France. The director is actively engaged in different projects in France, conducts workshops and seminars during festivals, at various theater schools; the designer has been working with a famous Bob Wilson, and the composer T. Demay is a coauthor of many different projects of puppet theaters.