"Just don't be scared. The tale has been roaming Europe for fifteen centuries. It has disappeared in some places and reappeared in others. Each era has 'improved' the fairy tale. Since I am returning to this theme for the third time, with some knowledge of why, may God forgive me - without destroying the myth - I have created the play as I wanted it."

With respect to all viewers - Vitalijus Mazūras

"There is no text in this performance. It is told through images. The plot is quite intense, full of events, although there are no words. Mazūras demonstrates the magic of theatre, which comes from individual details, trifles, coincidences, but before long, the Mazurian polyphony is in full force. (...) The fairy tale is no longer interesting for Mazūras.  

He is concerned with the general situation, he is an active contemporary explorer of life. He doesn't gloss over or categorically state anything, he just shows how Eglė feels today, back in her home country. (...) If you set foot in Europe, if you forget, you can become impoverished as quickly as if you lived under the occupiers. For Mazūras, this theme is particularly important. Like the last archaic, he opens up the secrets of the Lithuanian myth through beauty, through the last symbols of our nation."