"Meteo is a science fiction play about Man's efforts to tame the elements on a dying planet. The script was inspired by the work of the famous American author Ray Bradbury. The play tells the story of a group of scientists who arrive to save a dying planet. Their mission is to rebuild a dying world. A chemist searches for a formula to revive life from snow. An agronomist tries to bring life back by manipulating water matter. A physicist seeks a new source of energy by harnessing the power of light. A dying planet is represented by puppets that resist the experiments carried out by scientists.
Does Man have the right and the ability to control the elements of nature, or does he have the will and the courage to confront the dark side of his soul, to separate reality from fantasy, to survive in the labyrinth of dreams, visions and hallucinations? The action of the performance is based on visual theatre. The actors manipulate objects, liquids, materials, textures and offer the viewer a world of fantastic images that open a treasure chest of questions about the relationship between Man and the Universe and himself.