It is a short marionette performance played in the Small hall of the Theatre "Lėlė". The music for the performance was written by the famous Lithuanian theatre composer Faustas Latėnas. It is a performance for everyone - for children and adults. It is especially suitable for children who are visiting theatre for the first time.
The fairy-tale about the Little Red Riding Hood was created by the famous French writer Charles Perrault (1628-1703). Most people know the plot of the story very well. Everyone knows that the big bad wolf devours the little girl and her grandmother, and that the story has a happy ending regardless. And what if the children do not want the wolf to be so cruel and eat the protagonists of the tale?

The performers Elvyra Piškinaitė and Juozas Marcinkevičius have tried to act out a different story about the girl and the wolf. Together with the director, stage designer and puppeteer Vitalijus Mazūras, they decided to create such a story about the Little Red Riding Hood, where not only the ending was happy, but also the middle. Here the children do not see any acts of violence, no one eats nobody and nobody needs to be saved from the belly of the wolf. But before changing the ploto f the original story, the actors need to consult the children...

The action of the performance takes place in... a huge cupboard, where Little Red Riding Hood, her mother, grandmother and the lumberjack live. Above the cupboard there is a carousel for the lovers, and in the drawers there is a place for all sorts of evil-doers.