The director and dramaturge Nijolė Indriūnaitė wrote a play and later created a shadow theatre performance according to three Christmas tales of Hans Christian Andersen: "Match Girl", "Christmas-tree", "Snowman". This performance tells the lyrical story, where people are asked a very simple question: what is the celebration? What does it mean to us?  Everyone understands it in different way. How is it understood by young girl and how by Christmas-tree, which has been hewed in the forest...?
Theatre critic Audronė Girdzijauskaitė was writing about this performance: "Even the genre of shadow theatre has no strong tradition in Lithuania, this performance seems to me perfect: proportions of objects, grace of silhouettes, lighting, clarity of language, lyrical mode (with no sentimentality!), rhythms of movement and delicate acting of the actors made me fell very emotional.”