Šarūnas Gedvilas

Born in 1988, in Kvėdarna. In 2007, he graduated from the Secondary School of Kvėdarna. In 2007-2013, Š. Gedvilas studied acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (pantomime actor‘s specialty, bachelor‘s and master‘s course tutor – J. Javaitis). Since 2017, he has been working in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė.

Š. Gedvilas created roles in the performances of actors' troupe DEGAM, cinema; he was involved in some independent projects as well. Since 2013, he has been a member of the pantomimes‘ music band Produced Illegally, 2016, he has been a participant in social clown activities (Doctors Clowns).

The actor took professional masterclasses in Toga, Japan (studied Suzuki method), as well as in Tbilisi, Georgia (studied G. Kandelaki hand shadow theatre techniques).

Roles by Š. Gedvilas in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2022 Various roles. ABOUT THE WORLD. Director J. Jukonyte, designer N. Keršulytė, composer V. A. Jasaitis

2021 Mr. Redbeard. COFFEE GRINDER. Director E. Piotrowska, designer M. Dracz, composer W. Blazejczyk

2021 The Guardian Angel, other roles. ANGEL. GIRAFFE. LITTLE SHOE. Director A. Sunklodaitė, designer G. Brazytė, composer D. Gnedinas 

2020 Cipollino. CIPOLLINO (based on The Adventures of Cipollino by G. Rodari). Director Š. Datenis, scriptwriter T. Laucius, designer A. Dubra, composer V. Leistrumas

2018 Ma Ubuother roles. THE KING UBU (based on the play by A. Jarry). Adaptation author, director and designer N. Tranter, composer F. Latėnas, advising scriptwriter V. Grainytė

2018 Dorian Gray, other roles. THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (by O. Wilde). Director and designer G. Radvilavičiūtė, designer R. Valčik, composer R. Mačiliūnaitė, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2017 Indian, Wolf, Forest spirit. LITTLE INDIAN JOE. Scriptwriter and director K. Vilkas, designer R. Duda, costume designer I. Šimukonytė

2017 The Piglet Nif (Replaced D. Butkus). S. Siudika THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. Director A. Mikutis, designer A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė

2017 Various roles. LILA: THE DEMIURGE‘S SECRET PLAY. Scriptwriter and director Ž. Vingelis, designer N. Keršulytė