The type of puppet theatre that came from the LDK, called "vertepu" in Ukraine, in Belarus - "batlejka", and in Poland - "šopka", was also known in the Lithuanian lands. Initially, in this theatre, only religious content was created about the birth of the baby Jesus, which were shown in churches at Christmas time. This type of theatre was revived in the time of Reform Movement of Lithuania by the "Šėpa" theatre and since then we call it shepa. In it plays unmechanized figures of puppets on a stick or stalk.
In the educational workshops, we will offer to make stalks and introduce the construction of the pavilion where the shepa theatre action takes place. This type of theater is especially suitable for Christmas celebrations, but is also easily adapted for secular home holidays (birthdays, name-days, etc.). The participants will be able to bring them home. Vilnius Theatre "Lėlė" creative workshops "Shepa Theatre" are made for the whole family. Workshops are led by well-known puppet masters, various educational programme organizators: artist and director Rimantas Driežis and theatre actors.