The plot of the play is based on one fairy tale, but is supplemented by narratives from other tales. The title of the tale that is the main line of the play still sounds creepy: "About how the witch bit off the girl's head". Aušra Bagočiūnaitė-Paukštienė, the author of the performance, says she thinks that a more spicy, vivid spectacle (a spectacle!) could appear in the background of the gentle, romantic Lithuanian fairy tale productions. Naively simple, exquisitely surrealistic, showing a multidimensional picture of witches, devils and other mythical creatures, their way of life, the world order. This frightening and at the same time playful performance for children from 4 to 12 years old is necessary even for teaching, memorising, overcoming fear and, of course, for the development of imagination, colour, shape and spatial perception.

In "A Terribly Beautiful Fairy Tale", the creators created a puppetry and visual theatre performance that combines various means of plastic arts and live acting. It was also important to reveal the associative nature of Lithuanian folk tales and riddles, allowing the audience to see that the often cruel logic of the characters' actions in fairy tales can be interpreted symbolically.