Director and artist Aušra Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė was inspired by clouds theme. Clouds passing through the sky are associated with metaphors of freedom, flow of life and ephemerality. The notes of authentic conversations of N. Indriūnaitė, a long-term creator of the Lėlė Theatre and a playwright, director and actress – with her granddaughter became a basis for the play. These fragments of the conversations, which were written down during a period of several years, reveals the theme of the knowledge of the world, accommodating both the witty paradoxes of the childish logic and a child’s unlimited imagination, as well as the life wisdom of an older human being.

Questions about natural phenomena and mysteries, a human life, relationships, morals, values, everyday impressions – all this creates a dialogue between a child and a grandmother, in which the figures and roles of teacher and student are constantly interchanging, and what was “self-evident” to an adult suddenly becomes unclear or is rediscovered, and vice versa – a child’s imagination, full of mythological, almost mystical feeling of the world, spills breath-taking answers, assessments and generalizations.