“Stories of flowers” – the puppet theatre performance for the entire family – is the most recent premiere in the Vilnius theatre “Lėlė”. It is based on the book of literary tales “Tales of flowers” written by the Latvian writer Anna Sakse. The adaptation for theatre was created by the director of the performance Nijolė Indriūnaitė – the veteran actor and dramaturge at the “Lėlė” theatre who has created many cozy, spiritual and artistic performances for children (“The White Tales”, “Snow-white and Seven Dwarfs”, “The Snow Queen”).

“Every flower is like a human life – one often passes through without even noticing it’s beauty. But we can always stop, ask questions and listen. Listen to short stories. To sad, funny, absurd stories. Just like human fate. In this performance we are striving to talk about coalitions of different people, their characters and values that express everyone’s best features, that allow us to “blossom”. Sometimes it is a really an extraordinary experience to talk to a narcissus, a tulip, a sweet brier, a wormwood, a pea – to talk to different people . But love is always the best gardener: one has to just trim off the unnecessary emotions, ambitions and illusions, to prune down all the tare. Or sometimes you just replant them somewhere else. Then the entire garden blossoms”, – says the director of the performance Nijolė Indriūnaitė.