Do you remember the tale about Cinderella? The cold-hearted stepmother who forces the girl to constantly run errands and do chores? The King’s invitation to a feast? The pumpkin which was turned into a carriage, the fancy gilded clothes, the clock strikes that removed the magical spells put on by the Fairy Godmother at midnight? And the lost magic crystal shoe, the meeting with Prince? It is the story of an orphaned girl who, despite much hardship, humiliation and oppression by her stepmother and stepsisters, was able to wait for her happiness and recognition to come and to implement her dreams.

The new interpretation of Cinderella is presented by the duo comprising of Playwright and Director Nijolė Indriūnaitė and Artist Aušra Paukštienė, known to the audience of the Theatre Lėlė from the visually rich and spiritually uplifting shadow theatre performances {White Tales, The Snow Queen} and The Flower Stories – a musically playful performance, discussing the fundamental values in the puppet language.

The authors together create a sense of a magical time on stage, and that time, according to the Director of the performance Nijolė Indriūnaitė, is magical when we (people) meet, when we feel happy, when we help each other to have such a time.

The classic story of Cinderella, based on the play Magical Shoes by Nijolė Indriūnaitė, offers the young spectators to immerse in the search for a magical time. And when this time is magical? The miniature characters living in a fairy tale box will remind you how fragile time can be and how valuable a possibility to meet each other is.