This is the story about a little girl who when getting on to her grandparent’s attic discovers the entire world of old stuff, which is alive (and what is the most important!) having their own stories to tell. The moose’s head, grandpa’s bike, grandma’s high heels, and even a toilet: they all remind of the most important stories full of love, fashion trends or customs and traditions of that time… Those utensils left behind and forgotten can be in a bad mood, or they can laugh, crack jokes and proverbs, and lure to stop and think: is it true that unknown, recondite past is, according to the main character of the play, so boring?
The play is created by a young, ambitious and full of humour sense team of artists well-known to the LĖLĖ Theatre audience. Director Šarūnas DATENIS and designer Antanas DUBRA have been efficiently working together since their first performance The Little Rooster Money Maker awarded a Golden Cross of the Stage. When creating the performance Now You See It / Now You Don’t, they have been joined by the composer Vytautas LEISTRUMAS, and later on the creation process of the Pinocchio has been joined by the playwright Teklė KAVTARADZĖ.
“Some time ago, the phone was used for ten years, now – for two at the most, the car served you for fifty years, and now – you are really lucky if for ten years. We are wonted to dispose everything we have used up. But not so long-ago, things had their stories to tell – important and interesting stories, which in order not to be sunk into obscurity, must be learnt and known as the old recipes of our grandmas, - the director Š. DATENIS introduces the idea of the performance. – Our performance tells a miraculous story about the old things in the attic who have begun to speak: the girl comes to the village with her parents and finds out there is no internet, and being angry with them, she gets on to the attic to clean it up, as there is nothing else to do in the village. Here, various old things come to life and start telling her their stories…”