"Tick-tactics" based on Miloš Macourek is a surrealist performance full of witty didactics and absurd about the home appliances that come to life. The characters from many tales by the Czech writer M. Macourek meet in the performance: an Alarm clock who wants to ring but fails to understand why his master shows appreciation to his work by hitting him in the head. 
The Faucet has his own issues – he wants to sing in the opera! Finally, two old Chairs watching sitcoms and eating popcorn get a rise out of the Carpet: how patient can one be when someone's littering makes you itch?! "Tick-tactics" is a "Lėlė" theatre debut for the young crew: film director Mikas Žukauskas, graphical designer and illustrator Antanas Dubra and composer Arturas Bumšteinas.