"Not according to the trends of this world" is not just the name of the performance, but also an entry in the metrics of the dead made by precentor K. V. Schultz: "He was [...] an honest man. Not the ways of this world" (1977, p. 573). Actor and the director of the performance Rolandas Kazlas, who also suits the label, tells us: "With this performance I want to perceive Kristijonas Donelaitis not as a historical figure, but more as a poet who is eternally alive in his poetry. 
His work is a sort of a healthy basis for all of us Lithuanian-speakers. What interests me in this performance is more a poet who is silent than a loudmouth preacher, more a person who is working, moving and dancing than the one who is standing behind the pulpit, more in his own yard with the wife, than in the fields, working with peasants, more when he is nurturing the word than when he writes it down. In my opinion, K. Donelaitis is the body that became the word. And I kindly apologize to everyone who thinks the other way. He is the man, who respected the law of the earth, the sky and time. He didn't go chasing the transient humanly trends. He was like spring and autumn: always the same, but every time so very different".