The Sandman is a story about a young man lost between the worlds of fantasy and reality, about the soul dying of egoism, lack of faith, and doubt. Immersed in his dark visions and balancing on the brink of madness, the hero faces his inner self, the phantom of his personality. The performance takes the audience on a visual journey through the subconcious, through the labyrinths of imagination. 
The theme of dualism is what the performance mostly dwells upon, i.e. the duality of the human spirit, as well as that of the living and the lifeless, which is visually conveyed through the transformations of an actor and a puppet. "I was tempted by Hoffmann‘s tale as a very visual, multilayered piece of writing, which, although first appeared almost two hundred years ago, remains relevant today. For me it was extremely interesting to tell this story without words, concentrating on the visual and phonic plane: puppets, masks, images, dance and music," – tells the director Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė.