A handsome, smart and slightly plump guy in his prime is quite a prankster, however, in general everything in the world invites you to experience something fun and amusing! Adventures are, it might be said, guaranteed for those who join us, because otherwise there will be nothing to do here... Just calm down, simply calm down, forget all the little things, stop complicating everything and let’s run on the roofs!

Based on the book Karlsson-on-the-Roof by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren loved by children all over the world, the performance is a third play directed by Ainis Storpirškis in the Theatre “Lėlė”. In this play, as in the previous ones “Oh Lord, Vilnius!” and “Oh Lord, Lithuania!”, the audience can expect a fast pace of the performance, the aesthetics of the absurd, a lot of humour and self-irony. The lives of Karlson, Little Brother, Fröken Bock, robbers and all other characters, coloured by music, songs and dances, simply boil on the stage – both on the ground and on the roof.


According to Storpirštis: “What Little Brother and Karlsson do together is completely crazy – and that’s what attracts me the most. Also, such a mismatch between planning, imagination and reality... One day, life just flies in through the window, regardless of which floor you live on! I want to say that it’s okay to be scary, and it's okay to be sad – this is all an important part of becoming an adult.”