Two curious children, Aistė and Simas, meet a chronicler of Vilnius in an abandoned house. The chronicler invites the children on a journey through various stages of the history of the city of Vilnius: from Gediminas’s dream to the present day. Meanwhile, the audience of the play, travelling together through the labyrinths of secrets and miracles, will experience not only a lot of adventures but also the majestic spirit of the old Vilnius, the pain of its tragedies and the excitement of the birth of the new Vilnius.

In this play, a team of well-known Lithuanian artists debuts on the stage of “Lėlė”: actor and director Paulius Tamolė, writer Justinas Žilinskas, actor and choreographer Eugenijus Slavinskas, violinist and composer Tadas Dešukas, and lighting artist Julius Kuršis.

Paulius Tamolė, director of the play: “I wanted to embody some legend in the theatre that could be played with. However, the entire history of Vilnius was born instead... I think it is important for children to see why their city (and at the same time they themselves!) is exactly the way it is. By this play, we do not aim to reveal all the details and subtleties of history, it is rather an attempt to interest children in the past of their city.”