This poetic performance, which searches for parallels between humans and nature, was inspired by the Lithuanian Red Book. The play was written by Nijolė Indriūnaitė, an actress and playwright with the Theatre Lėlė. According to her, “a representative of every rare species – be it a bird, a fungus or a lichen – is like a human being, with its own character, needs, and distinctive expression. However, whatever the differences between various kinds are, we are all united by the same thing: aspiration to grow, create, be safe, and finally, the need to take care of others and communicate with each other”.
The artist of the performance, Julija Skuratova, focused on dolls created on the principle of collage. Their design was created by combining old, antique objects with sculptural objects that resemble the look of various characters from The Red Book. In this way, an old object in the performance resembles what is already disappearing and at the same time what can be redesigned.
The director of the performance is a well-known creator of Polish puppet theatre for children and young people, Eva Piotrowska, an artist who is not afraid of difficult topics. The director has been known to Lithuanian theatre audiences from 2011, when she produced a performance at the National Drama Theatre in Kaunas based on the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll's.