Rita Mačiliūnaitė

After graduating Kaunas J. Naujalis Music Highschool in 2004, she started studying at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy: in 2008 she gained bachelor’s degree and in 2010 – Master's degree. In 2007, R. Mačiliūnaitė studied at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague (Erasmus programme). During the years of her studies, she practiced in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Latvia. In 2012, she gained a degree as an educator at the Music Training Centre. In 2017 she defended her thesis on Musical Narrations in Post-dramatic Theatre and gained her Doctoral degree. 

R. Mačiliūnaitė composed more than 40 acoustic and electroacoustic work, as well as for interdisciplinary projects, performances, installations, 7 operas, 30 theatre and dance performances. Her music can be heard in the performances of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Klaipėda State Musical Theatre, Klaipėda Drama Theatre, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Vilnius Theatre Lėlė, Dance Theatre Dansema. Her music has been played in the most famous Lithuanian and foreign festivals and concerts. Since 2014, she has been the head of the Music Department in the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre; the same year, she was awarded a scholarship from the Lithuanian Scientific Council for academic achievements.                               


Music composed by R. Mačiliūnaitė in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2018 THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (by O. Wilde). Director and designer G. Radvilavičiūtė, designer R. Valčik, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2015 E. T. A. Hoffmann SANDMAN. Director G. Radvilavičiūtė, designer R. Valčik



2015 The Golden Stage Cross Award for the performance Sandman and its creative team (G. Radvilavičiūtė, R. Mačiliūnaitė, R. Valčik, S. Mikalauskaitė)