Julija Skuratova

Born in 1974. In 1993 she graduated from Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School. In 1994-2000 she studied art history and scenography at Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2004 she practiced at the Alexander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy (Warsaw),  Faculty of Bialystok Puppet Theatre. In 2008 she graduated as an art aspirant at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. From 2006 to 2012 J. Skuratova lectured composition and puppet theatre technology at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, since 2012 she has been teaching at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. J. Skuratava created scenography for performances in various Lithuanian and foreign theatres: Vilnius Theatre Lėlė, Kaunas State Puppet Theatre, Lithuanian National and Kaunas National Drama Theatres, Klaipėda Drama Theatre, Poznań Animation Theatre (Poland), Žešuvas Puppet Theatre Maska (Poland), A. Zelwerovicziaus Theatre Academy (Warsaw), Puppet Theatre Faculty in Białystok, Białystok Puppet Theatre, Košic Puppet Theatre (Slovakia), Budapest Puppet Theatre Budapest Babszinhaz (Hungary), Moscow Theatre TriLika. Since 1999 she has been participating in scenography exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Creative work by J. Skuratova in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2019 Designer. N. Indriūnaitė THE RED BOOK. Director E. Petrowska, composer V. Bartulis, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2015 Designer. HOW KOLKA PANKIN FLEW TO BRASIL AND MARTIN NEPANKIN DID NOT BELIEVE HIM, OR GA-RA-RAR. Director O. Lapina, composer A. Gecevičius, A. Tulčinskij

2012 Designer. G. Apollinaire THE BREASTS OF TIRESIAS. Director G. Varnas, composer V. Bartulis

2008 Designer. C. Monteverdi madrigal operas THE COMBAT OF TANCREDI AND CLORINDA, UNGRATEFUL DANCE. Director G. Varnas

2006 Designer. C. Csato GRANDMOTHER’S TALE. Director C. Csato

2005 Director and designer. N. Indriūnaitė THE MUSIC BOX (based on A Small Town in the Tobacco Box by V. Odojevskij)

2003 Designer. Y. Mischima MISS CHAN. Director J. Norvaišaitė

2001 Designer. THE BLACK HEN (based on the short story The Black Hen, or Denizens of the Underground by A. Pogorelski). Director R. Driežis, composer F. Latėnas


2013 The Golden Stage Cross Award for the performance METEO (award to the entire creative team, Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2009 The Golden Stage Cross Award for the scenography and puppets of the madrigal operas The Combat of Tancredi and Clorinda and Ungrateful Dance (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė / Banchetto Musicale)

2007 III International Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy for children and young people festival-competition Con-text in Poznań (Poland) diploma and prize for scenography of the performance Grandmother’s Tale

2006 IX International Puppet Theatre Festival Interlialka (Uzhhorod, the Ukraine) Grand Prix prize for the performance The Music Box (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2006 III International Chamber Puppet Theatre Festival Moscow Holidays (Moscow, Russia) Grand Prix prize for the performance The Music Box (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2005 International Puppet Theatre Festival in Łomża (Poland) Grand Prix prize for the performance The Music Box (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2002 St. Christopher Award for scenography and costumes for the performance The Black Hen (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)