Nijolė Indriūnaitė

Born in 1952, in the district of Ignalina. In 1970, she graduated from the Secondary School of Salakas. In 1970-1973 studied directing at the School of Culture (now College of Vilnius). Since 1973 she has been working in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė. N. Indriūnaitė acted in the plays directed by Aurelija Ragauskaitė, Laima Lankauskaitė, Jurijus Fridmanas, Irena Bučienė, Vitalijus Mazūras, Algė Savickienė, Algirdas Mikutis, Rimas Driežis, Romas Vikšraitis, Milda Brėdikytė, Donaldas Duškinas, and others. She also created roles in the productions of Lithuanian television, e.g. puppet plays directed by Petras Dimša, Laima Lankauskaitė, Vitalijus Mazūras, Aurelija Čeredaitė, Rimas Driežis, Algirdas Mikutis. N. Indriūnaitė created scenarios and played the role for TV show Good Night Kids (lith. Labanaktukas) (Lithuanian National Television). Together with an actress Nijolė Sadukienė, they created and performed Puppet Concerts in Lithuanian regions (until 1990). She has written plays for puppet theatre, created video films for the Lithuanian television, directed plays in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė, Kaunas State Puppet Theatre, Panevėžys Puppet Wagon Theatre, etc.

Performances directed by N. Indriūnaitė and other works for Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2021 Scriptwriter, director. CINDERELLA. Designer Aušra Paukštienė

2020 Scriptwriter. CLOUDS. Director, designer Aušra Paukštienė

2019 Scriptwriter. THE RED BOOK. Director E. Piotrowska, designer J. Skuratova

2017 Adaptation and direction. STORIES OF FLOWERS. Designer A. Paukštienė

2013 Scriptwriter and director. THE SNOW QUEEN. Designer A. Paukštienė

2005 Scriptwriter and director. THE WHITE TALES. Designer A. Paukštienė

2005 Scriptwriter. THE MUSIC BOX (based on A Small Town in the Tobacco Box by Vladimir Odojevskij). Directors R. Driežis and J. Skuratova, designer J. Skuratova

2003 Scriptwriter and director. SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS. Designer N. Keršulytė

2002 Scriptwriter and director. CINDERELLA (based on the fairy tale by Ch. Perrault). Designer R. Driežis

2000 Scriptwriter. THUMBELINA (based on the fairy tale by H. Ch. Andersen). Director and designer R. Driežis