Asta Stankūnaitė

She was born in 1979, in Vilnius. In 1997 graduated from Sietuva Secondary School. In 1999-2002 she studied in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga). In 2002-2009 attended theatre studio Palėpė (mentor – O. Kesminas). In 2002-2005 she was a dancer in choreographic projects‘ theatre Vilniaus Ballet (head – J. Smoriginas). In 2006-2010, A. Stankūnaitė studied acting at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (specialisation – puppeteer, course mentors – A. Latėnas, G. Storpirštis). Since 2010 she has been working in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė.

Roles by A. Stankūnaitė in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2019 Boy, Mother. DUCK, DEATH AND THE TULIP (based on the book by W. Erlbruch). Director J. Trimakaitė, designer C. Guyo, composer T. Demay

2017 Indian, Ostrich, Forest spirit. LITTLE INDIAN JOE. Scriptwriter and director K. Vilkas, designer R. Duda, costume designer I. Šimukonytė

2017 Various roles. THE DIRECTION (based on the comic book Sens by M. Antoine-Mathieu). Scriptwriter and director J. Trimakaitė, designer C. Guyon, composer T. Demay

2017 Various roles. LILA: THE DEMIURGE‘S SECRET PLAY. Scriptwriter and director Ž. Vingelis, designer N. Keršulytė

2012 Various roles. PUSS IN BOOTS (based on the fairy tales by Ch. Perrault). Director A. Mikutis, designer A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė

2010 Various roles. J. Marcinkevičius THE WAR OF MUSHROOMS. Director A. Mikutis, designer A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė

2010 The Nurse. IN THE NAME OF... (based on W. Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliette). Director A. Jalianiauskas, designer V. Binkis

2010 The Artist. SHAKESREAPE, i.e. SHAKESPEARE (based on W. Shakespeare‘s Sonnets). Director J. Čižauskaitė, designer R. Baradinskienė

Since 2010 Palace Lady, other (replacing E. Piškinaitė). S. Siudika THE PRINCESS AND THE SWINEHERD (based on the fairy tale by H. Ch. Andersen). Director A. Mikutis, designer N. Keršulytė, composer O. Ditkovskis

2010 False Elenytė, others. PRIVATE PROPERTY (based on M. Martinaitis‘ play The Little Sheep‘s Trial). Director and designer V. Mazūras, composer F. Latėnas, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2009 Leda, other. K. I. Galchinsky THE LITTLE THEATRE OF THE GREEN GOOSE. Director and designer V. Mazūras