Dainius Tarutis

He was born in 1986, in Moscow. In 2006 he graduated from Salomėja Nėris Secondary School. In 1996-2006, he attended the theatre studio Elementorius. In 2006-2013, studied acting at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (bachelor's course mentor – A. Latėnas, master's course mentor – J. Vaitkus). D. Tarutis created roles in the State Youth Theatre, No Theatre, Bancheto Musicalle, Vandenyno Dirbtuvės, as well as in television and cinema. Since 2010 he has been working in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė.

Roles by D. Tarutis in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2021 The Chameleon and other roles. ANGEL. GIRAFFE. LITTLE SHOE. Director A. Sunklodaitė, designer G. Brazytė, composer D. Gnedinas 

2020 Alan. OH LORD, LITHUANIA! Scriptwriter and director A. Storpirštis, designer N. Keršulytė, composer A. Murauskas, choreographer K. Chlebinskas

2020 The Cucumber, Dog. CIPOLLINO (based on The Adventures of Cipollino by G. Rodari). Director Š. Datenis, scriptwriter T. Laucius, designer A. Dubra, composer V. Leistrumas

2019 The Patient. DOCTOR GLAS. (based on the book by H. Söderberg). Director R. Kazlas, designer N. Keršulytė

2018 Various roles. PINOCCHIO (by C. Collodi). Director Š. Datenis, designer A. Dubra, composer V. Leistrumas, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2017 Alan. OH LORD, VILNIUS! Scriptwriter and director A. Storpirštis, designer N. Keršulytė, composer R. Naujanytė

2017 Various roles. LILA: THE DEMIURGE‘S SECRET PLAY. Scriptwriter and director Ž. Vingelis, designer N. Keršulytė

Since 2016 Swineherd. S. Siudika THE PRINCESS AND THE SWINEHERD (based on the fairy tale by H. Ch. Andersen). Director A. Mikutis, designer N. Keršulytė, composer O. Ditkovskis

Since 2015 The Dog, Lion, Mare Ferdinanda (replacing S. Mikalauskaitė, E. Piškinaitė). DOCTOR DOLITTLE. Director R. Driežis, designer A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė

2015 Venchislav. HOW KOLKA PANKIN FLEW TO BRASIL AND MARTIN NEPANKIN DID NOT BELIEVE HIM, OR GA-RA-RAR (by  D. Charms). Director O. Lapina, designer J. Skuratova, composer A. Tulčinskij, A. Gecevičius

2014 The Sandman. E. T. A. Hoffman SANDMAN. Director G. Radvilavičiūtė, designer R. Valčik, composer V. Bartulis

2014 Various roles. THE ROUTE. Scriptwriter and director A. Jankevičius, designer L. Luišaitytė

2013 Father, Mouse, other. E. T. A. Hoffman THE NUTCRACKER. Director and designer V. Mazūras, composer F. Latėnas, choreographer S. Mikalauskaitė

2012 The Agriculturist. METEO (based on the novel by R. Bradbury). Director A. I. Brashinskaya, designer J. Skuratova

2011 Various roles. D. Čepauskaitė, V. Mazūras JŪRATĖ AND KASTAUTAS. Director and designer V. Mazūras

2011 Various roles. EVERYMAN TO HIS TRADE (based on the book The Wanderings of Jurgis Paketuris by K. Boruta). Director J. Čižauskaitė, designer A. Mikutis

2010 Romeo. IN THE NAME OF...  (based on W. Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliette). Director A. Jalianiauskas, designer V. Binkis

2010 Honey Fungus. J. Marcinkevičius THE WAR OF MUSHROOMS. Director A. Mikutis, designer A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė

2010 Various roles. SHAKESREAPE, i.e. SHAKESPEARE (based on W. Shakespeare‘s Sonnets). Director J. Čižauskaitė, designer R. Baradinskienė

2010 Various roles. K. I. Galchinsky THE LITTLE THEATRE OF THE GREEN GOOSE. Director and designer V. Mazūras



2013 together with the creative team, D. Tarutis received the Golden Stage Cross Award for the performance METEO (director A. Ivanova-Brashinskaya, artist J. Skuratova, Vilnius Theatre Lėlė, 2012).

2012 The Most Promising Actor of the Festival Award (for all Jūratė and KasTautas actors) in the professional theatres festival We Play for the Farmers for the performance Jūratė and KasTautas.