Antanas Dubra

He was born in 1987. In 2007-2011, he studied graphic art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2010 A. Dubra has been participating in street art projects, festivals and exhibitions. The artist also illustrates books, creates posters, videos and animations. He has created scenography for Vilnius theatre Lėlė, Arts Printing House, Šiauliai Drama Theatre.


Creative work by A. Dubra in Vilnius Theatre Lėlė:

2020 Designer. CIPOLLINO (based on The Adventures of Cipollino by G. Rodari). Director Š. Datenis, screenwriter T. Laucius, composer V. Leistrumas

2019 Designer. NO WI-FI IN THE VILLAGE. Director Š. Datenis, scriptwriter T. Kavtaradze, composer V. Leistrumas

2018 Designer. PINOCCHIO (based on the book by C. Collodi). Director Š. Datenis, composer V. Leistrumas

2016 Designer. NOW YOU SEE IT/NOW YOU DON‘T. Scriptwriter, director Š. Datenis

2015 Designer. EVOLUTION. Scriptwriter, director Š. Datenis, designers V. Suncovas, A. Brančel

2013 Designer. TICK-TACTICS (based on M. Macoureck‘s fairy tales). Director M. Žukauskas