This 1982 production is the calling card of our theatre. It has been performed not only in Lithuania, but also in many European countries. Not only in Lithuania, but also in Polish, Russian, English, French and German. Since 1982, the play has changed many times. New tricks have been added to the circus programme. The only thing that has not changed is the desire of the director and the actors to create a circus of children's dreams on the stage of a puppet theatre. One with a Lion and an Elephant, Acrobats and a Juggler. And most importantly, a Clown. Yes, the wonderful Clown - funny and sad.

He doesn't leave the circus arena until the end of the play. He is accompanied by little Caca, a green, frog-like animal who has come into the world in the most unexpected way: he was accidentally hatched from an egg by the Clown as part of a practical joke. Now Caca watches the play and soon becomes enchanted by the charms of the circus and the theatre. The play takes place in the "black cabinet". In puppeteers' parlance, this means that the entire stage of the theatre is lined with black cloth, and the actors wear black clothes and control the puppets, covering their faces with black veils. Therefore, the audience only sees the puppets moving and talking magically.